is a cutting-edge DNA testing service that can revolutionize the way you discover your family history. We combine advanced DNA science with the world’s largest online family history resource to help you find new family connections. Sign in to your Ancestry account. In Ancestrydna account, click the DNA tab, then click "Activate a test."No subscription is necessary in order to take the DNA test and receive results. Your results will include an ethnicity estimate and a list of DNA matches.

How to Find Ancestrydna Activation Code?

Ancestrydna activation code connects a DNA test to an Ancestry account. Activation codes have alternating letters and numbers in them and are printed on the side of the tube as well as on the instruction packet. Keep your activation code until you've received your test results. Ancestrydna Team cannot begin processing a DNA sample until the test has been activated.

How to Activate your DNA Kit with Ancestry?

  1. For activating Ancestry DNA kit online, first you need to have an account. If you don’t have one, then you can visit to create an account for free.
  2. Get a collection tube. Each tube has a unique 15-digit Ancestry Dna Activation Code. This code will link you to your sample.
  3. Collect your saliva samples. Be sure not to smoke, drink, eat or chew anything for half an hour before doing the collection. When collecting saliva, ensure to fill it to the black line in the collection tube and don’t overfill it.
  4. Stabilize the DNA in your saliva. To do this, tighten the enclosed gap till it releases the stabilizing fluid. The fluid is easy to identify and is blue in color.
  5. Shake your sample for about five seconds till it mixes well. This helps to quickly process your sample.
  6. Place your collection tube(s) in the collection bag and seal it with an adhesive strip.
  7. Review everything to ensure it is correct then send your sample for processing. You can consider mailing it.
  8. They will contact you through your email address to notify you when processing is complete. Alternatively, you can also view your results by visiting their website

Features of AncestryDNA:

It’s comprehensive. Unlike y-chromosome or mitochondrial DNA tests, AncestryDNA provides matches on both sides of one's family. A y-DNA test reflects only the direct father-to-son path in your family tree, while a mitochondrial DNA test reflects only the direct mother-to-child path.

Ancestrydna Is Gender-Neutral

Both men and women can take our test, and everyone is tested in the same way for the same number of markers and provided with the same level of detail in test results. While many DNA tests on the market are effective only when taken by men, autosomal DNA tests survey DNA inherited from autosomal chromosomes, which are chromosomes that don't determine sex. Since everyone carries the DNA we test, AncestryDNA Activate is equally as effective for women and men.

Ancestrydna Predicts Recent Genetic Ethnicity

Thanks to advances in DNA technology, we’re able to compare your DNA to samples from around the world to find out more about your family’s background and ethnic history--not ancient history, but the people and places that matter to you.

Ancestrydna Provides Enhanced DNA Matching

AncestryDNA examines a much broader range of your DNA than y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA tests do and provides matches from both your paternal and maternal sides. Collaboration with DNA matches can provide new insights, and features like ThruLines™, and can provide additional information to help break through brick walls in research.

Ancestrydna Is Paired With The World's Largest Online Family History Resource

In addition to offering a personalized site experience with interactive tools and features that enhance your family history search, Activate AncestryDNA benefits from being a member of the vast resources of Ancestry. Family trees, historical records, and a DNA database of over 10 million people are just some of the family history features available on Ancestry.